Tornomatic supports its customer with Timing pulleys with shapes, bores and surface treatments according to drawing.


All our productions are designed to process the following materials: bronze, brass, aluminum, delrin and other plastics, bakelite cloth, stainless steel, ferrous and alloy steels.

  • Mono-spindle and twin-spindle turning

    • Max. bar diameter 74
    • Maximum length of 600/800
    • Round and extruded bars (squares, hexagons and special shapes)
    • Milling, transverse holes …
  • Multi-spindle turning

    • Minimum diameter 5, maximum diameter 38
    • Round and extruded bars (squares, hexagon and special shapes)
    • Milling, transverse holes …
  • Secondary and finishing processes

    • Secondary manufacturing processes such as automatic drilling, milling, reaming, threading.
    • Assembly, turning chuck, drilling, boring, milling, stamping, shearing, thread rolling, knurling tools and worms, lapping, Round and shoulders grinding, broaching of cylindrical bores with keyway and various profiles, finishing with vibro-finishing machine.
    • Various processing on vertical numerically controlled machining centre ISO30 with fast tool change (2" chip-chip)
  • Hobbing

    • Hobbing up to module 3 for gears and 5 for worm screws
    • Maximum diameter mm 130
    • Hobbing cylindrical gears with straight and helical teeth, worm screws
    • Skiving and pre-skiving up to module 3