One of the strenghts of Tornomatic is the wide range of machines that allows the company to study and realize ad hoc products for each specific customer.
In order to achieve quality and efficiency Tornomatic relies on some of the most renowned hobbing machine manufacturers, such as Lambert-Wahli, Gleason-Pfauter and Koepfer.

Aluminium hobbing open curtains gear

All our productions are designed to process the following materials: bronze, brass, aluminum, delrin and other plastics, bakelite cloth, stainless steel, ferrous and alloy steels.

  • Mono-spindle and twin-spindle turning

    • Max. bar diameter 74
    • Maximum length of 600/800
    • Round and extruded bars (squares, hexagons and special shapes)
    • Milling, transverse holes …
  • Multi-spindle turning

    • Minimum diameter 5, maximum diameter 38
    • Round and extruded bars (squares, hexagon and special shapes)
    • Milling, transverse holes …
  • Secondary and finishing processes

    • Secondary manufacturing processes such as automatic drilling, milling, reaming, threading.
    • Assembly, turning chuck, drilling, boring, milling, stamping, shearing, thread rolling, knurling tools and worms, lapping, Round and shoulders grinding, broaching of cylindrical bores with keyway and various profiles, finishing with vibro-finishing machine.
    • Various processing on vertical numerically controlled machining centre ISO30 with fast tool change (2" chip-chip)
  • Hobbing

    • Hobbing up to module 3 for gears and 5 for worm screws
    • Maximum diameter mm 130
    • Hobbing cylindrical gears with straight and helical teeth, worm screws
    • Skiving and pre-skiving up to module 3